When it comes to software compatibility – we all agree that the compatibility must be similar along with all the platforms it’s going to run on. There are a lot of processes that software testers use to determine the quality and compatibility of the software. All through the software development lifecycle, you’ll find a lot of tests and procedures executed to ensure to curb-off bugs – to further ensure that the software product is fully functional. Some of these are termed non-functional testing, and the technique is stated as compatibility testing. The outcome might vary based on various aspects such as internet speed, various OS versions, resolution, and so on. If you want to avoid spillover during the production phase – then we recommend doing compatibility testing from every aspect.

When To Perform Compatibility Testing?

Usually, with a larger user base focused apps and software require this type of testing. They have to be tested again and again from every aspect to avoid bugs, problems, or technical issues while they endure a huge traffic flow. This is to ensure that the production environment doesn’t suffer much before they get deployed into it. Intended for intermediate to hefty-caliber applications, the need to test their compatibility alongside all generally accessible operating structures and net browsers is indispensable. The objective of compatibility analysis is to recognize any gaps flanked by the several stages and authorize that conditions perform as quantified. If implemented resourcefully with all-out coverage, can approve the balance and steadfastness under various load stages of the application.

Different Types Of Compatibility Testing

As stated above, you need to test the software or the application under various aspects to ensure that they don’t fail under the user load. However, for every aspect, there are different kinds of testing compatibility that you need to know. And these are:

Browser Compatibility Testing

This kind of assessment is extensively executed to be certain that a specific application is harmonious with the various browsers presented on the marketplace. Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer are some of the widely used browsers and people with various preferences select one over the other. Thus, we need to use cross-browser testing tools to ensure compatibility among each of these.

Hardware Compatibility Testing

In this scenario, testers test an application to ensure that it is well-matched with several hardware conformations and if it has any performance issues.

Network Compatibility Testing

In this case, testers will test an application while it is connected with distinctive accessible systems such as LTE, Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G – And further see if there are any performance issues during or after the testing is complete.

Mobile Device Compatibility Testing

Here, we see a lot of mobile devices in the market. Each comes with a specific variation and making. Here the testers test the app or software under the line of native mobile applications testing. They have to ensure that the apps or software run smoothly no matter what the model or make of the device.

OS Compatibility Testing

As soon as an application is built to oblige a wide-ranging audience broadened around the globe, then this kind of analysis is essential. In this form of testing, we test the performance of the application with several operating structures for instance Mac, Linux, Windows, and whatnot.  

How To Cater To Various Versions Compatibility Testing?

For this testing type, you need to know that there are two main kinds. These are stated as the following:

Forward Compatibility Testing

During this phase the tester does test if the application ought to be further modernized to be harmonious with present varieties and predictable kinds on top.

Backward Compatibility Testing

For this type of testing, the testers ensure that they do inspect the said application, and how it works on the previous or the older versions. However, they also ensure that the seamless flow is promising no matter how old or how new the version is.

List Of General Flaws Noticed In Web Applications Compatibility Testing

There are certain aspects that you need to review before you deploy the app or the software. And these are stated as follows:

  • UI adjustments, aspects, and impressions may change
  • Typefaces magnitude might differ and may not coordinate
  • Mass media might not work in some situations
  • Out-of-place content and overlying
  • Records might not display

It is a tedious and tough chore for a test team to work on such an enormous chore as compatibility testing. The majority of the operating structures and browsers that the user will be using have to be engaged. To determine the complete extensiveness of assessing that needs to be carried out – the team has to initially analyze the list of client requirements. On top of conferring the constraints, Google Analytics is the utmost widespread method to collect info on the order of much-used browsers and a list of their varieties and operating structures. Testers need to use statistics before they visit different sites to test them, as the stats will be different in each.

Range Of Cross-Browser Testing Tools

Testers can use manual and automated testing versions to complete compatibility testing. However, here we have compiled a list of some of the most popular tools in our list shared below. But, we haven’t added much on each tool for your understanding. As that will be covered in our next session – so stay tuned to read QATrail’s upcoming blogs to streamline your QA process and testing approaches. So, here is the list:

  • TestComplete
  • Turbo Browser Sandbox
  • LambdaTest
  • CrossBrowserTesting.com
  • QA Wolf
  • BrowserStack Live
  • Ranorex Studio
  • Browserling
  • Browsershots
  • Browsera
  • Katalon Studio
  • IE NetRenderer
  • IETester

Usage Of BrowserStack

This is a viable cloud-based and noteworthy cross-browser testing tool. It is exercised for mobile and web application compatibility testing. Simply paste the URL for any web application testing along with the targeted operating systems and browser settings. Not sure if this tool is a good fit? Don’t worry – our experts will guide you further.

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How To Use Cross Browser Testing?

This is one more mercantile utensil that secures your applications and how they perform exclusively of any irritation to performing as anticipated on distinct platforms. Need testers for cross-browser testing?

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Benefits Of Using Simulator & Emulator?

These two approaches are used by the testers for compatibility but are yet again a time-intense procedure demanding additional exertion. No matter what the situation – you can hire our expert developers, QA engineers, QA testers, and much more to ensure a bug-free product or application.

How To Execute The Cross-browser Testing?

Cross-browser testing includes the accomplishment of a web application to assess one or more resources of curiosity on a diverse list of user-focused browsers and apparatuses. On the whole, these chattels specify the amount to which the web application is under test. And they further focus on the following aspects. These are:

  • If it meets the constraints that steered its plan and progress,
  • Reacts appropriately to all varieties of involvements,
  • Achieves its congregations inside an adequate instance,
  • Can be used satisfactorily,
  • Is easily installed and routed in its envisioned devices and web browsers
  • Undertakes the wide-ranging purposes of the clients

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Do You Need QA Engineers For This Test Type?

Yes, for cross-browser testing you do require QA engineers. As soon as the development lineup figures up the site or web application  – the QA engineers gauge the accomplished development. They also test the reliability of the subject and design, for example how typefaces and pictures are exhibited, and how responsive web design looks in action. Subsequently, they test the web application or site’s serviceability. They further test the attributes, integrations with third-party facilities, procedures, and touch contribution for tablets and mobile devices. They similarly assess user-friendliness, along with the occurrence of alt transcript for pictures or bolted captioning for audiovisual. We have an expert team of qualified and veteran QA engineers – email us or call us to utilize them in your test cases and environment.

Web Developers And Their Role In This Testing Type?

A cross-browser valuation can be undertaken despite the web application remaining moderately downright. This type of technique is also characterized as Full-stack web development. However, the midpoint here is that the testing in this environment is executed by the web developers. They develop and enhance the elements, functionalities, and user interface compatibility. You can hire our expert full-stack web developers for this purpose.

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Wrapping up The Notes Today

Administrations can brace client gratification by holding in the aspect of compatibility testing. This testing type will further inspect the execution of an application over numerous stages. The purpose is to safeguard that specific application labor around all verified operating systems, mobile devices, browsers, computer hardware, and different networks. This testing also ensures that the compatibility level meets the client and customer requirements without failure. At QATrail – you’ll find the expert blend of QA testers focused on various test case scenarios, environments and working tirelessly to ensure quality. Our team model seamlessly engages the business and its requirements to not miss anything significant. You can call us or email us to book your appointment and our experts will love to discuss your test needs in detail.  Our team of experts has exposure and training on every classified operating system, mobile device, hardware, and network. Let’s connect and work in an agile approach and lean method.

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