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Like any other aspect of technology, software testing is rapidly evolving with each passing year. The techniques/testing tools that worked best a year ago might not be as effective as the recently emerged techniques.

Looking for the latest software testing techniques? Want to stay a step ahead of your competitors?
In this blog post, we’ve come up with a list of the top 7 software testing techniques in 2021. Let’s read through this blog post and become more competitive in the QA field.

Here are the top 7 software testing techniques:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

The trendiest approaches in 2021 for QA software testing are AI and ML. And in the coming years, these will become the key drivers of bringing about the technological revolution.

If we particularly talk about AI and ML in the context of software testing, it has welcomed several benefits. It helps to save time significantly with the use of lesser resources and results in improving bug detection algorithms.

By looking at the emerging role of AI and ML, several manual testing tools and tasks are expected to be replaced with automation in 2021.

83% of early adopters of artificial intelligence (AI) have received 30% to 53% economic benefits.

2. Agile & DevOps

Agile and DevOps methodologies have several advantages that have taken the limelight in software testing. These software testing techniques enable IT teams to come up with high-performing software products.

Agile and DevOps also help to get a quick evaluation and penetrate the market with the delivery of unparalleled products. Considering the pattern in recent years, it’s undoubtedly the most demanded software testing technology.

3. QAOps

QAOps is the abbreviation for quality assurance and IT operations. QAOps encourages quality assurance procedures to go hand in hand with the software development process. It means QA must be executed right from the beginning and the initial phases of the software development cycle. It’s an amazing software testing solution for deploying a high-quality software product.

QAOps is an extremely useful technique and has received great importance in recent years.

Now in 2021, QAOps has become one of the most ideal techniques to follow for top testing software. QAOps helps to improve communication and collaboration amongst team members. Doing so results in deploying a software product that is bug-free and high-performing.

Moreover, QAOps keeps track of the tasks and helps you meet the deadlines and to adjust changes in requirements. However, it requires more budget but it helps gain a competitive edge and more profit in the long run.

It‘s recommended to have a Quality Assurance Budget of approximately 25% of development.

In 2021, combining QAOps and DevOps is another technique that has taken the lead. This QA software technique promises even greater efficiency in detecting errors and fastens the software development process.

It‘s recommended to have a Quality Assurance Budget of approximately 25% of development.

4. Big Data Testing

Some specific industries like finance, banking, healthcare, telecommunication, and retail have huge volumes of consumer data. Such a high volume of data is processed in the applications and requires constant testing.

Big data testing is a need of the hour in 2021 for industries with a high volume of data.

Checking the success and accuracy of data processing is the most important feature of big data testing. And for that, we use commodity clusters and other instruments to perform different tasks in QA software testing.

5. Internet Of Things (IoT) Testing

Many organizations have transformed by adopting IoT testing technologies and strategies. And we can expect an even stronger trend of this transformation in 2021.


The growth rate of global IoT spending is expected to reach double-digit in 2021. (IDC)

As we talked about big data testing above, IoT gives a boost to efficiently managing diverse data volumes. These two testing technologies are helpful in managing big and diverse data volumes.

In 2021, more complex processes will emerge due to the nature of organizations. It will increase the need for a big volume of data.

IoT is helpful for all industries especially machine manufacturing, transportation & logistics, and agriculture

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6. Security Testing

As technology has made its way into almost every field of our lives, the security of information has become critical. Considering this, even common people have started becoming worried about their private information.

We provide our sensitive information when we log in to social media apps, bank account details for online payment, etc. As a result, we demand the security of our information. And this has made software developers and quality assurance software testers take care of this critical problem. Now, the software QA testing planning must involve security testing to enhance the quality of a software product.

With proper planning, high-performing organizations save up to 22% of their time in software development.

With the emerging awareness of data security, the responsibility of quality assurance software tester has increased tremendously. Considering this, we can say 2021 demands an even greater focus on security testing.

7. Shift-Left Testing

Traditionally, QA software testing comes at the later stages of the software development model. But that model has turned out to be ineffective with a lot of drawbacks in it. Shift-left testing is the new model that takes the testing process to the left side of the development cycle. And that’s how it has got its name.

If you’re following shift-left testing, you have to plan the testing in the initial phase of software development. Ideally, development and QA software testing go hand in hand.

While you use shift-left testing, you can detect the bugs in the earlier stage of development. Consequently, you can fix those bugs right in the initial stage saving up time and resources.

Efficient QA teams spend 22% less time fixing bugs and defects in a software product.

Wrapping Up:

Staying ahead of the competition is everyone’s dream. And to achieve that dream, you need to focus on several critical factors. If we particularly talk about QA software top testing, we have a lot of techniques that help us achieve our goals. Along with different types of tools QA, the latest software testing techniques are important to implement in your software development.
As we have stepped into 2021, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 software testing techniques for you. These are proven and result-driven techniques that help to enhance the quality of your software product. And not just that, it helps to save your time and resources while increasing the efficiency to perform software QA testing.

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