The Importance of Test Documentation in Software Testing

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What is Test Documentation?

Test documentation can be explained as the process of creating a document that contains all information related to software testing. Test document includes test strategy, test coverage, metrics, resource tracking, execution progress, achieved results, etc.

Test software documentation is a complete suite of documents that has it all. It includes details of planning, designing, execution, and results of your software testing. Software documenting is a part of your non-functional testing.

In this blog post, we’re going to discuss the importance of a test document in the software testing process. You will learn:

Goals of Software Testing Documentation?

QA documents are extremely beneficial in providing a clear picture of the complex vision of your software project. Let’s check out how documenting software is helpful for your QA test software efforts.

 Minimizes the chances of uncertainties

 In-depth insight into the testing process for stakeholders

 Setups the testing environmen

 Helps analyze the testing progress

Minimizes the chances of uncertainties

to your tests. It makes the software testing planning and execution easier and transparent for all the team members. This way, it helps to minimize the uncertainties in your software product.

In-depth insight into the testing process for stakeholders

Developing any documentation for your software testing process can help you to have a clear QA process flow. It’s extremely helpful for stakeholders to be aware of what’s going on in the QA testing.

Setups the testing environment

Documented software for testing helps to set up the testing environment. It stores test case software, frameworks, and functionality. And the best part is that it’s accessible to everyone on the team. Also, you can always reuse test software documentation in the future.

Helps analyze the testing progress

Test document helps to analyze the progress of the software testing process. It helps to identify if the KPIs are met. And upon analyzing, testing practices can be revised if needed. This way, the problem can be identified in the early stages and changes can be made in software testing plans. As a result, we can save wasting time and effort.

Problems You Can Avoid by Using QA Documentation

It’s quite evident that Quality Assurance documentation helps uplift the team’s performance while saving up resources. Let’s check out what issues software documentation can help you to avoid while you perform software testing.

     Communication Issues

     Missing the Updates

     Lack of visibility

Communication Issues

While software testers and the development team work remotely, they often face communication problems. As a result, they miss potential updates or fail to pass on necessary information. Considering such a scenario, this becomes a big problem often leading to a failed project. Luckily, you can avoid having such problems with software documentation that has a clear description of all the processes

Missing the Updates

In the absence of reports and proper documentation, the team can miss important product issues and updates. And especially if different bugs appear, the development team can become confused, unable to identify where to start the process.
In such a case, QA process documentation provides a guideline on what to do. At any stage of the software development, developers can alter the plan based on the new feedback.

Lack of visibility

In the absence of a software test document, it’s hard to know the current status of the tasks being done by other team members. If we go with the test documentation, it offers greater visibility and transparency of the tasks. It’s helpful not only for the same team but also for people across the team. Also, it clearly defines the work scope and objectives

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Advantages of Preparing Test Documentation

  • Test documentation makes the testing process very easy and systematic.
  • It helps to save resources of the company like time and money.
  • The final software product comes out to be of high quality.
  • Organizations can receive higher client satisfaction.
  • The scope of the project becomes easier to understand and everyone can be on the same page.
  • Increases chances of getting more work from the same client.
  • Enhances transparency throughout the process within the team and with the client.
  • It’s reusable and results in saving time and other resources in the future.

Disadvantages of Not Preparing Test Documentation

  • It’s extremely hard to keep track of the modifications in the requirements asked by the client.
  • Not preparing test documentation or making a poor version of it will directly affect the quality of the software product.
  • Unable to deliver product within the specified time leading to a dissatisfied client.
  • Can lead to disputes amongst the organization and the client.
  • Confusion due to lack of clarity of the processes and progress of the project.
  • Can lead to inefficient communication and results in a poor quality software product.

Best Practices to Prepare Test Documentation

We’ve learned why test documentation is important for deploying a high-quality software product. Now we’re going to discuss some best practices to prepare a better test document.

The QA team needs to participate in the project development process right from the beginning to prepare the test document.

  • As the software development process passes through different phases, the test document may also need to revise.
  • It’s not something to get done once. Just like a software testing plan, it needs to update with time.
  • It’s advisable to use version control that would help to track and manage your documents more efficiently.
  • Try to include everything for a better understanding of the tasks you want to perform. Also, include what you think is helpful for stakeholders.
  • Try to use a standard template such as doc or excel file that makes your document easily accessible.
  • The files of the document must be stored at a single location that is accessible to each team member.

Wrapping Up

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that test software documentation is a long-term investment. Once you have a successful software testing, you can document it and can reuse it in the future. It helps save time and resources with the right direction to follow in the next software testing. Also, you will be aware of the practices that went wrong and didn’t meet KPIs. You can avoid such practices in the future by going through and following the test document.

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