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Test Case Management Software

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Salient Features

Testers love Qatrail for the wide range of features it offers. Some of them are:


Cases & Suites

It assorts all the suites and test cases, offering their effective storage and management too.

Test run

Test Runs

Qatrail allows you to devise various test plans from existing test cases and suites. You can also run these tests with your team.

Team Management

Team Management

It enables you to Invite your project team members to work with you on the test model together.



The Built-in integration of Qatrail with the famous bug tracking systems is a huge benefit to you. These include JIRA, Trello, GitHub and many more.

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Defect Management

This feature grants you the control over the defect lifecycle and retrieve relevant detailed statistics.

Application programming interface


The use of REST API in Qatrail helps you integrate your automated tests and send the results later.

Online Shoping

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Test Case Management

Test suites help you in assorting all your test cases into logical groups. The comprehensive features of test cases define the test case severity and priority. Besides, it also describes the pre and post-conditions along with steps to reproduce a specific test case.
Everyone gets an interactive dashboard
A complete test case management tool

Test Plans And Runs

With Qatrail, you can devise test plans and run them in a hassle-free manner. Our comprehensive tutorials guide you through the test plan, helping you check all test cases at once. The time tracker shows detailed information about time spent on each test case.
Test Cases Statistics at a Glance
Get a pre launch report to identify bugs

Jira Integration

Jira allows you to invite your teammates to share a single platform for running tests. Furthermore, it enables all of your team member to use test case management tools together.
Build better software by connecting Jira
On one click track bugs on Jira

How Can QAtrail Help

Qatrail aims to benefit and become the trusted partner of many professionals in the development world. They are:
Test Case Management Software

Pragmatic Testers

Agile Process

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QA Professionals

Great Companies That QAtrail

Many companies have harnessed great benefits from test case management tools such as Qatrail. Some famous ones are:

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A powerful testing tool that makes debugging faster and easier as never before

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